FG2100 VFD Series

Product Overview

FG2100 VFDs are a series of general purpose, high performance and current vector-controlled VFDs recently developed by WindSun. They are primarily used for controlling and regulating the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. High performance vector control and low-speed high torque output technologies used in addition to the original FG2100 provide this series with good dynamic characteristics, super over-load capacity and communication bus function. It supports various functional extension boards, with powerful combined functions and stable performance. They are used for driving various automatic equipment in textile, paper making, wire forming, packaging, food, air flower, pump and other fields. As a highly integrated solution for equipment manufacturers and end users, this series is of great help for lowering system purchase and operation cost and increasing system reliability.
This series has passed CE certification.

Model Description

Comprehensive Technical Characteristics of Frequency Converter

FGSVG Model and Specification