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WindSun MW High Voltage Water Cooling SVG Passed Type Test of China Electric Power Research Institute

2019-01-10 15:54:00

     On August 29th, WindSun released an announcement that its MW high voltage water cooling SVG successfully passed type test of China Electric Power Research Institute. Dual-MW high voltage SVG’s success in full load test marked that WindSun made another new stride in technical strength for large power SVGs and opened a new sate for large capacity reactive power compensation devices.
WindSun management, project R&D team and staffs from production center attended the announcement.

Not only does this success demonstrate R&D strength of WindSun, it also proves the testing capability of large power equipment test stand, an infrastructure that supports the future production of large power SVGs for offshore wind power and metallurgy and a technical foundation for sale and application of large power SVGs.
In motor durability testing, two topologies, i.e., star connection and delta connection, are combined in the system which is purely water cooled, ensuring the entire system’s temperature rise is controlled within 15℃. The system is able to compensate harmonics and control voltage imbalance and passes high and low voltage ride through tests. These further extend SVG’s application and provide technical supports for improving electricity quality in many fields.

Adhering to independent research and development, WindSun updates its products constantly to meet customer and market needs. Over the past years, WindSun has been highly recognized by customers, which is attributed to its advanced technologies, reliable products and great services.
In 2016, WindSun high voltage water cooling SVG was included into the first technological innovation projects of Shandong Province. This time, its high voltage large power water cooling SVG passed the full power testing of China Electric Power Research Institute marks WindSun’s important initiative to extend the applicability of SVGs in an response to market demand. WindSun will make more and deeper efforts into product development to further improve product performance and create more values for customers. In this way, it will make greater contribution to improving grid quality and building a green and intelligent grid.
 Officers and experts from famous electricity quality corporations in China attended the acceptance site for witnessing the full power testing.


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