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FG3000 VFD Series

Product Overview

FG3000 middle voltage VFDs are a series of high performance and simple design VFDs independently developed by WindSun. With increased stability, this series has a raft of practical and advanced functions for operation and control, like practical vector-based PI controller, phase loss protection, light load oscillation suppression, flexible input/output terminals, online changes of parameters, storage of shut-down and power-off parameters and RS485 control. WindSun provides equipment manufacturers and the end users with highly integrated solutions which are greatly helpful for lowering system purchase and operation cost and increasing system reliability.
This series has the following characteristics:
1) The main circuit is a three-level topology which uses low voltage components for middle voltage inverter output, ensuring high reliability.
  2) With more output levels than two-level circuit and RLC low-pass filter on the output side, this circuit has improved output current/voltage waveforms and ensures noiseless and vibration-less operation of motors. It can be used with ordinary motors with rated parameters.
 3) Smaller dv/dt improves electromagnetic compatibility of the VFD.
 4) It can automatically stabilize fluctuation of grid voltage.
  5) Start voltage can be compensated. Voltage loss due to long output cable can be compensated to the largest extent.
 6) Industrial/variable frequency switch is installed in the cabinet (for submersible pump)

Performance and Properties


Comprehensive Technical Characteristics of Frequency Converter

FG3000 Series Medium Voltage Inverter Series