Corporate Culture

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Constant breakthroughs in purist of perfection.
Honesty is our foundation, innovation is our soul.
Seek market through quality, seek efficiency through management.
Save energy, serve society and become a trustworthy brand in electrical and electronic energy saving sector.
Create values for customers, deliver benefits to partners, provide great careers for employees and assume social responsibilities.
Master core technologies to drive continuous improvements of China’s variable frequency technology and electricity quality.
Focus, innovation, customer first
Customer: Creating values for customers is the fundamental basis for our survival.
Principle: Rules outweigh officers.
Responsibility: Neither error nor delay is due to me
Team: Team benefit is prioritized among all matters.
Gratitude: Behave with a grateful heart, win respect through love.
Quality policies: To meet customer requirements through excellent quality, perfect services, continuous improvements. WindSun products must exceed national standards in all aspects for better performance.
Core Philosophies
Development: Focus on core business for a stable and robust development
Work: Time is money and efficiency ranks the first.
Promotion: Capable ones are promoted, average ones supervised and incapable ones ruled out.
Cost: Cost reduction equals profit creation.
Cooperation: Communicate proactively, work collaboratively.
Competition: Competition cements development
Product: Make each product best in every detail.
Service: The customer is God and colleagues are customers.
Sales: Sales are for realizing value.
Operation: Operating a business is to operate human resources, which are the most valuable treasure.
Quality: Product quality is the life of a business and life only comes once.
Human resource: Fidelity and capability ranks are tied for the first place.  
Service is everywhere, customer is always place on the first place, put your feet into customer’s shoes.