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WindSun keeps steadfast in human-based concept, seeks a culture where trust and respect are readily provided for talent growth and development, and creates conditions necessary for talents’ innovations in technology and management. By emphasizing a talent incentive system, it tries to achieve values of both employees and company and enable employees and the company to growth and progress hand in hand.
WindSun sees “human” as the most valuable treasure of a company. Only when each person of an organization is developed, shall the organization growth. The vitality and innovation of an organization lie in the innovation of each member. Keeping each member of WindSun dynamic is the only way to make WindSun full of life. Also, we believe that only happy people can maintain full vitality, innovation and a positive attitude. For this, we will make every effort to create a happy working environment for everyone.
1. Broaden recruitment scope, pay attention to training and deploy human resources in a proper manner
  WindSun continuously recruits talents of different levels that are suited to business development demand. Each year, it absorbs a number of graduates from universities and colleges who are comprehensively qualified and have potentials. These newly hired graduates receive training from the basic level to understand values and operation ideas of WindSun, to recognize corporate culture and to master general knowledge and skills. This makes them a sustainable backup force that supports company development. At the same time, WindSun underscores doctors and masters and other high level talents by maintaining contacts with universities and research institutes for attracting excellent professionals each year.
 WindSun provides a wider learning channels through training. Apart from training session on specific technologies and knowledge, it also organizes various training on management skills and methods, as well as diverse outward bounds, ways that cultivate officers' learning and planning abilities so that they are able to make improvements all the time.
  Paying much attention to information construction, WindSun has established a backup talent bank, records the information of all talents, tracts their growth all the time and builds an information system platform that supports company-wide talents. These effectively support management work and help optimize the mechanism through which talents are selected and utilized.
2. Introduce performance evaluation mechanism and carry out flexible salary policy
To guarantee talents are properly mobilized during organization development, enhance organization competitiveness and increase the sense of achievement for talents, WindSun has been carrying out performance evaluation mechanism and a performance-based salary policy among R&D and functional management staffs. R&D work and performance are highlighted in performance bonus distribution; which means, technological talents, the first-line R&D staffs, key staffs and senior talents are prioritized and new employees are provided with development spaces. In this way, WindSun tries to create a good incentive mechanism for attracting and retaining human resources. Also, it has set a "special channel" for promoting professional and technological staffs to diverse the promotion channels for high-level talents.
3. Strengthen R&D work and build a comprehensive career platform for talents
  To strength its R&D force, from 2003 on, WindSun has established  Shandong Center for Research and Application of VFD Technology, Shandong Research Center for Electric and Electronic and VFD Engineering and Technologies, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, and Shandong Academician Work Program for Electric and Electronic Technologies and Energy Equipment. In the meanwhile, WindSun has formed multi-level production- education- research partnerships with in diverse forms with Shandong University, Tianjin University, University of Science and Technology of China, Tsinghua University, Xiangjiang University and Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences. These movements not only speed up new product development and commercialization, which drive its development, but also cultivates and imports a great number of outstanding talents as the backup force for its future development.  
4. Retain talents with care by creating a harmonious corporate culture
Being faithful to the business idea that one should "increase benefits for individuals, families and society and create a forever prosperous company through hard-work", WindSun buys and maintains endowment insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance and work injury insurance for employees in accordance with laws. It makes efforts to create a corporate culture where all members help with each other. WindSun provides a health examination for all employees each year and peridoical occupational health checks for key positions. Over the past twenty-some years, WindSun has never encountered any major work incident or death due to occupational diseases.
 WindSun not only holds  outward bounds and Party member education activities on a regular basis, but also provides various culture and sports activities, such as sports meetings, performances and staffs travels.
  We have opened an independent innovation path and create marvelous results over the past more than twenty years. We are confident that while maintaining a sustainable and rapid development, we can build a more brilliant future and make greater contribution to the country and society.