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WindSun has maintained a complete set of quality management system, which has passed the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, and received the AAAA-level AAA-level Good Standardizing Practice Certificate. It imposes strict quality specifications on supplier approval, test of parts and components, tracking and inspection of semi-finished products and finished products.
 (1) Supplier management
WindSun summarizes and analyzes each supplier’s quality from inspection of incoming materials, production and other channels and requires improvement from suppliers.
WindSun sends inspectors to the sites of suppliers from time to time to check their entire production and management and tracks each supplier’s quality based on the information provided by onsite inspectors.
WindSun performs supplier audits on a regular basis in order to find quality risks immediately.
Feedback from WindSun’s production department, test result provided by on-site inspectors, response and attitude to complaints are utilized to rank all suppliers and the ranking result will act as the basis for WindSun’s retain or abandon suppliers.

(2) IQC

Incoming materials are sampled according to sampling procedure and inspected and tested in accordance with standards.
With respect to all materials problems found in production, staffs from relevant departments are organized to hold a review meeting; and Material Improvement Notices will be issued to suppliers for correction if necessary.

Monthly quality inspection reports are used to rank suppliers, the result of which forms the basis for WindSun’s making decisions.
(3) IPQC
Works in process are inspected either by sampling a certain ratio or 100% in accordance with product standards to determine if the current lot can be released to the next process:
First piece approval, work-flow approval and operation approval;
Work pieces from key processes are sampled and inspected on a regular basis.

Production lines are patrolled to find quality problems, which must be reported.

(4) OQC
Products are inspected and tested in accordance with product standards to determine if they are qualified for delivery.
Each device is required to receive a load test for 72 consecutive hours before shipped.

Inspection acceptance rate and rejection rate are recorded and analyzed in combination with targets, in order to decide if corrective and preventive actions are needed.
Relevant departments are organized to hold production line reviews so that production lines can function in the correct flow. Quality information is notified and corrections are taken .

(5) Quality management/control chart
(6) Quality control flow chart


 (7) Production site
WindSun has a floor area of 80,000 square meters of which, 60,000 square meters are used as production and R&D spaces. It has state-of-the-art production lines and world-class inspection and manufacturing equipment, including machine inspection and test equipment as well as unit aging and assembly lines.
Its current annual production capacity is 800~1000 high voltage products. It has maintained a strict quality management system.
Power units of high voltage VFDs must receive strict inspection, debugging and load tests as well as a 72-hour high temperature aging test to ensure product reliability and stability.