Service Philosophy

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 “Focus” is what we adhere to for service.
With a standardized, procedure-based and professional service system, we provide diverse and professional knowledge and experience for customers, ensuring they receive quality, efficient and personalized service resources to best meet their needs of different levels and helping them achieve the value arising from use of WindSun products.
It is our responsibility to serve you and what we seek are your satisfaction.
Customer-centered and honesty-based WindSun after-sale services are provided in the most economic and fast way.

Philosophy is an idea or a concept. Customer-centering means the service provider must has itself properly positioned. A common problem is one provides services without knowing what customers really need. The reason behind this is many underscore the cost of service instead of customer’s needs. What is “customer centricity”? The first step is to make it clear customer’s position in service provider’s heart. Are what a customer needs what you need? Or are what you need what a customer needs? In this regard, we pay special attention to “it is our responsibility to serve customers and what we seek is customers’ satisfaction.”
At this point, we have launched “Sunshine Service”, an activity that emphasizes on improving service quality and creating quality services, by actively pushing customer services, improving the way services are offered, completing the service system, extending service scope, innovating service initiatives and improving service quality.
Service Guidelines
Pre-sale Supports: WindSun provides power supply diagnosis free of charge, technical support for saving electricity and consulting service for electricity management. WindSun actively considers for users by making product feasibility plan, fast responding to all requests from users and designing and producing non-standard products.

In-sale Services: WindSun customizes, improves and completes plans on a customer-basis; sends professionals to provide fast and quality installation, commissioning and training services; and offers all-around supports and helps to settle all problems encountered by users in project implementation.
  After-sale Services: WindSun provides one year-warranty and permanent maintenance with quality and fast services, keeping users assured. Response is made within 2 hours and professionals are sent to remove equipment failures within 24 hours once the failures are reported. WindSun provides proactive quality feedback and follow-up services on a regular basis; sets a detailed equipment database and establishes a complete range of spare parts.
Quality Warranty
Within the one-year warranty: free repair and/or replacement (limited to product quality problem).
After the one-year warranty: parts from the same manufacturer are available and repairs are provided at cost price.
The quality warranty agreement (if any) signed between WindSun and a customer shall apply.
Permanent maintenance.

After-sale Service Hotline: 0537-7237196
Technical Support